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Many people on and away from our world wide web community have struggles in their everyday lives. The way that we cope and deal with our issues and dilemmas makes us the person we are. When making major life changing decisions it is nice to have a ear to hear the struggle and lend advice to help us through our personal process of coping and learning and growing. The better the advice we receive, the better the help it provides us.
Often the individual seeking consult or advice does and can not see the underlying cause. This difficulty in identifying the cause can be from many reasons. A few of the reasons are because the person facing the problem can not see outside of box, their box, lack of experience (often called being naive) , cultural differences, education level, psychological or emotional problems or addictions.
It is all too often that the individual becomes frustrated and acts improper just simply making things worse on themselves. If these people had a different environment would they have made the same mistakes?

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